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WIP round up. July 29, 2009

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It is nearing the end of July and I’m still working on the July KAL with the BLK group on ravelry (the finest group of ravelers one will ever have the pleasure of interacting with, incidentally). This is, of course, the Percy shawlette. I had a moment of near-histrionics yesterday when I couldn’t figure out the nuts and bolts of chart C but they talked me off the ledge and now I’m back to grooving along. I’ve completed row 6 of the 31 row chart. I’m considering ordering some proper blocking supplies. I probably will, along with a sweater’s worth of yarn. More on that later.
The blob shawlette isn’t much to look at but it is getting bigger:

In other news, I’ve cast on for the baby owl vest for Keri’s little bambino. This is following the disaster that was the ribbed jacket. That was the only Debbie Bliss pattern I’ve ever knit and I wouldn’t do it again. It was the seaming that killed me. The cast on and off created stair step increases and decreases along the sleeves and it was impossible to seam them neatly. If I were to do it again — and I’m not saying I would — I’d leave those stitches live and do a three needle bind off for the seams. Anyway, this is knit in the round which means minimal seaming, the owls are a cable pattern. I’m about 3 inches into the body here:

Another inch or so of stockinette and then I’ll start the owling. So to speak.

Oh, and remember the socks I was working on? Oh, you’d forgotten? Apparently I had too. I got past the gusset decreases yesterday and am working on the instep. This is still the first one.

I’m still in love with the malabrigo sock yarn but I can’t help but think it’s almost too soft for socks. I wonder how durable they will be. I guess we’ll find out in the near future!

On deck is something with this yarn, hand-dyed by Terri. I’ve gone through a few patterns but haven’t settled on anything yet:

Suggestions? It is fingering weight, 400+ yards.


Lazy Saturdays are the best. July 11, 2009

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It’s after 5 pm and I haven’t done much of anything today. Partly this is because I worked last night and spent most of the day sleeping. So I’ve only actually been up a few hours. So far I’ve had a pot of coffee and am about to get back to work on Percy. Tomorrow is knitting group, and I’ll be working on the socks there, so I’ll see how far I can get through chart B today.
I finished the first pass through chart B. I snapped a quick pic on the porch for the blk group on ravelry and I’ll throw it up here as well:

This is the correct orientation; the garter stitch tab is for the base of the neck. You can sort of see the tulip pattern emerging (or I can, if I squint, but that might be wishful thinking — remember those stupid magic eye pictures from the 90s?). I’m going to try and accomplish something so I can show it off tomorrow.

The hedera socks are the same. I’m at 10 lace repeats in, so 4 more to go before gusset/heel turn. I am truly loving the pattern and yarn combination now.

And, while we’re talking Cookie A. socks, I finally took some decent pictures of the monkeys I finished. Holy crap this is a popular pattern and I can see why. It is easy and fun to knit and the finished product is beautiful.

A close up of the pattern:

A note on the yarn: this is essential tweed from knitpicks (linked a couple posts down for the curious). It has flecks of other colors and random fuzzies. I think it’s fine but it seems to bother some people.
Some anally retentive people.
Just sayin’.

Now to reclaim the lace from the kitty (every knitter needs a cat, right?):


Lace lace everywhere. July 8, 2009

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My Percy shawlette is still in the same state. I’ve completed chart A and am moving on the chart B today. Here’s a pic of where I am so far:

And here is a close up of the lace:

I’m also working on the first of a pair of socks. I chose to go with Hedera, another Cookie A. pattern. I’m using malabrigo sock in a dark purple colorway. So far it is going well. The yarn is unbelievably smooshy soft and I can’t wait to wear them. This is 8 lace repeats in:

On deck: Liesel (is it really wise to have 3 lace projects going at once?) and maybe some baby items for a friend of ours who is expecting.


Percy shawlette, the beginning. July 4, 2009

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Today I cast on for Percy as part of a KAL with the beginning lace knitters group on Ravelry. This is my first foray into lace with shaping. I’ve done lace scarves and lace socks but never anything with shaping and multiple charts. Initially I thought it was a bit outside of my skill set but decided to go for it anyway. After all KALs mean lots of help from more experienced knitters and it is a BEGINNER group.

It was my first provisional cast on. Have you done this? Casting on live stitches to waste yarn. I scoured the internet and found eleventy million different ways to do it and finally settled on a long-tail provisional cast on which was similar enough to my standard long tail cast on. It took a few — ok several — tries but I finally got it on there and picked out the live stitches later for the garter stitch tab. I’m using the only wound lace I have, knitpicks ‘bare’, and size 4 needles.

This is where I was at the end of the set up chart and repeat #1 of chart A.

I just finished repeat #4. I’m making the smallest size because I want a short, pointy scarf and not a long dramatic shawl so after this I will move on to chart B. I’ll leave that for tomorrow though because my eyes are tired and I don’t want to muck it up.

Tomorrow I’m meeting Terri at Panera for some public knitting and I think I’ll start on another pair of socks. I haven’t yet decided on a pattern.