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Owls and socks. August 20, 2009

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First up: the baby owl vest knit for one of the bartenders at The Greene Turtle who is expecting next month. I was looking for a nice, easy gift that wouldn’t stretch on forever (like a blanket, I hate knitting those) or have a billion seams to sew up. This was a nice compromise.
Pattern: Owl baby vest, free, you can find it here or in PDF format on ravelry.
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease in avocado, I think it took about a skein of it.
Needles: Size 6 and 7 circulars; size 6 double points for the armhole ribbing.
Dates: Cast on 07/28/2009, cast off 08/10/2009.
Mods: None, really. I kept the stitches at the neck and armholes live but still had to pick up a lot of stitches for the ribbing.

And a pic of the stockinette back:

Notes: This was a super easy, no sew pattern. It was knit in the round from bottom up, past the owl pattern and then divided for fronts. The shoulders join with a 3 needle bind off and stitches are picked up and knit in a k2p2 rib for the edging. I’d definitely make another one and am thinking of modifying it into an adult-sized pattern.

Next: Hedera socks by the always fantastic Cookie A.
Pattern: Hedera, found here.
Yarn: Malabrigo sock in violeta africana
Needles: KP harmony DPNs in size 2.5 (3.0 mm), set of 4
Dates: Cast on 07/06/2009, cast off 08/17/2009

Notes: This was a fun, sort of mindless knit. The first one took a long time because I was splitting my attention between a few different projects but the second one flew off the needles. This pattern was published in 2006 and there’s a significant error once you get to the heel flap (number of stitches held for front is incorrect). I would think in the 3 years since it has been published the folks over at Knitty could have corrected that or added errata to the pattern page. In the end I went with what I thought was correct and it worked out beautifully (no fussing around with stitches when it came time to graft the toe, either).
On deck: more socks and a bigger project knitted as a sample for the local fiber festival in October.


FO: Percy shawl August 8, 2009

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I finished this a couple of days ago but this is my first opportunity to update with pictures. So, here is a recap:
Pattern: Percy, available for free as a ravelry PDF
Yarn: Knitpicks Bare, 100% merino wool laceweight
Needles: 3.5 mm, US size 4
Cast on: 07/04/2009
Cast off: 08/05/2009

In artificial light, on my dining room table. You can clearly see each component of the design here. The edging, chart 3, was definitely my favorite part of the pattern.

In natural light, on my back porch.

And here it is, draped over the railing of the back porch — the stitch pattern is slightly obscured but I greatly enjoy this picture:

My thoughts on knitting it are conflicted. This was my first non-scarf lace pattern (although I made a small shoulderette/shawlette version so I suppose it could be called a triangular scarf, if one were interested in semantics) and it was a rather difficult pattern. If I had my first shawl to do over again I might pick something simpler. There was lace patterning on both the wrong and right sides in chart B and that was tedious. I did a fair amout of ripping back but was using lifelines which saved me more than once.
I loved the final chart and not just because it was easy. It was much more intuitive, and my first nupping experience, and I was happy with how they came out although I used only 3 loops instead of the 7 that the pattern called for. I mentioned in a previous post that this was part of the BLK group on ravelry and I don’t think I could have gotten through it without their help.
All of that aside I am beyond pleased with the finished product. I had planned to dye it — or have a friend of mine dye it, I should say — but now I think I may keep it the way it is. It’s a bit stiff so I intend to soak it and give it a more severe blocking and pin out really fantastic points along the edging.

My other projects are coming along and I hope to have new pictures to post soon. I will be casting on for another pair of socks, a shawl for a fiber festival sample, and perhaps a sweater. I saw a striped sweater I’d be interested in making and I think it would be a good stashbuster — I have a lot of vintage wool to be used, but not all in the same color or dye lot.