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The pattern that made me give up knitting. May 28, 2010

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Well, for awhile. Quite a long while. Enough so that when we had our first annual yard sale here I sold a good bit of my yarn stash, thinking I would never knit again. It just wasn’t *fun* anymore.
For example, the jaywalkers you see in the previous post? Gone. Unraveled. Partially unraveled, that is, with one of the beautiful harmony DPNs chewed to bits by a curious (and hungry) puppy. I wasn’t particularly upset. The pattern was boring and I secretly worried that the gauge was too tight and they’d be unwearable. I’ve yet to finish frogging them and repurpose the yarn and now I need to buy another size 1 DPN.
I’m not a quitter, though, and it is sheer stubbornness that returned me to this project with the intention to finish. Stubbornness and the desire to cast on something else. I am a methodical knitter and I like to finish one big project before I start another one and so before I cast on for Emmaline, I need to finish this.
And so, without any further superfluousness, here is the shawl that has been sucking my soul. It is Brandywine Shawl, shown here in the upper right corner. It is for a good cause and I thought the edging was pretty so I purchased it, on a whim, and cast on. Way back in… I’ve no idea. I didn’t put that on my ravelry page so I can’t tell you. I’m guessing February. It was definitely winter time.
The pattern is written well enough. The results are pretty. It is just so mind-numbingly boring that I can’t stand knitting it. I’m far enough that it would seem like hours of wasted knitting time — precious knitting time — that I won’t get back if I frog it and use the sock yarn for, oh, a pair of socks (that’s a novel idea, isn’t it?), and yet there is enough work ahead of me that it seems rather like the knitter’s version of climbing Mt. Everest to finish. I’m on Chart B and have done 10 of 15 repeats.
I will finish.

It looks innocent lying there with that smooshy garter stitch center and fluttery edging, doesn’t it? Don’t believe it. It is a SOUL SUCKER.

No disrespect to the designer, of course. Romi Hill’s patterns are immensely popular and for good reason and many many knitters have enjoyed this pattern. I just don’t happen to be one of them.

I pledge to blog more and knit more and generally be more of a presence here. I may not have much of a choice — I have a chronic ankle injury that has forced me out of karate and I imagine there is much knitting time in my future. Looking forward to moving on to more interesting things!