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Nothing to see here. July 3, 2010

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Well, at least nothing you haven’t seen before. I frogged the emmaline in progress after I tried it on and it was WAY too big. I ripped it all the way back and started over and am currently in the middle of the raglan increases. I have 4 more sets of increases, I think, before I separate the sleeves from the body. After the sleeves are done I will try it on again and hopefully this will be a better fit.
I’m not sure I’ll try it a third time if it isn’t.
So I have a sweater in progress but it looks exactly the same as the last time I showed you so I won’t bother with putting another pic up. I spent this morning doing household chores so I could knit without guilt this afternoon and that is what I intend to do.
Tomorrow we will be cleaning out the closet in the spare room and probably taking up the carpet. I peeked underneath and was surprised to see that there is tile underneath the carpet and underneath the tile is subflooring and then the original hardwood. It is a most unfortunate sandwich of poor flooring choices. If the tile is in good shape I’ll probably leave it and if it isn’t then maybe we will pick up a carpet remnant to cover it. Ah, the joys of 100-year-old houses.


A good day. June 14, 2010

The pattern I am knitting, Annis, is a crescent-shaped shawl described as ‘piquant’ (which, according to Knitty, means ‘A little something for the seasoned knitter. Daring but not exhausting’). I’d say this is overestimating the difficulty. The lace rows were simple but there were nupps involved which tend to freak people out. The rest of the shawl is simple knitting and purling with short rows. It’s definitely a TV/movie knitting project.
This morning I knit while watching The Unbearable Lightness of Being. I have seen quite a few Philip Kaufman films lately.
I’m almost through with the short row section which essentially means that I’m nearly finished with the shawl.

This yarn is very soft and is kettle-dyed so there is a bit of color variation. I like how there is a subtle striping effect in the body of the shawl. I am looking forward to seeing this blocked.
Speaking of blocking supplies, I still haven’t received the blocking wires I ordered. For some reason they shipped separately from everything else. I did receive the yarn (because I had to have enough in my cart to qualify for free shipping and there is always room for more laceweight) and it was not what I expected. I ordered ‘deep waters’ thinking it was a deep, murky marine suitable for a Shipwreck shawl. What I received was this vibrant, royal blue yarn:

I’m sure this would work but it wouldn’t be what I pictured which is really what I want for that shawl — a deep, murky color with a bit of glittery beads like grains of sand or light dancing on water. Perhaps I’ll use it to make Forget-Me-Not; I received that pattern in a swap last year and have it around here somewhere. Or maybe I’ll use it for something more ambitious, I have 3 skeins of it after all.
Still, I’m disappointed it isn’t what I had envisioned.

In non-knitting news, today I baked blondies loosely based on Dorie Greenspan’s recipe. I ran a bit low on chocolate chips so I used what I had and added sweetened, shredded coconut; roasted, salted almonds; pecans. I’m thinking they will still be good.

There was also time for a rousing game of tug.

Life is good.


Nupps! June 11, 2010

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I love the way nupps look in a finished shawl — cute and perky, lace’s version of a bobble. I fell in love with them when I made the Percy shawlette. I do not, however, love making them.
It’s a bit fiddly, really, figuring out how to make 1 stitch into 7 and back into 1 and being able to purl all those loops together on the return row. I know some smart knitters have figured out how to do this with a crochet hook but I’m the first to say I am hopeless with a hook. I even do a provisional cast on without it. I do it with an extra needle in the mix to prevent the loops from shortening too much and for ease of purling on the return rows. It works, though, so I don’t mind doing it even if it’s quite time consuming.
The lace chart is finished and I will be starting on the short rows this afternoon, as much as I can do before I’m sucked into the black hole of work tonight and not spat out until Sunday.
The malabrigo lace is nice but it is a bit uneven and slubby. This is a quality I’ve noticed in the worsted and sock weights as well so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.
Here are the nupps — a bit overly loopy but that all blocks out in the end.

In other news, Benny had surgery yesterday. Here he is resting on the couch and generally looking pitiful:

He had a rough night last night — wasn’t eating or drinking although he did take his pain medication. Today he is back to normal and I am struggling to restrict jumping and running (he is not supposed to romp around for 1 week — really? a lab not romp? Is this possible?).


Jaywalking (and tree pics!). December 21, 2009

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I don’t have much knitting to show. I haven’t been doing much. This month my schedule is really terrible, I’ve been working a lot of long, consecutive shifts and that doesn’t leave much time for knitting. I am still working on the first sock, past the gusset decreases and am now working on the foot.

I also finally managed to decorate our little tree:

I have a couple of knitting-related ornaments. A snowy sheep:

And this one:

And of course every knitter needs a sock monkey:

That is all. Hoping for more knitting content next time. Happy holidays!


A girl’s best friend. December 11, 2008

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Disclaimer: There is no knitting content here.

Yesterday I almost lost my dog. This is the dog I’ve had since 1999 — I brought her home in February, she had been born in December. She was the tiniest thing with a huge belly and little stumpy tail; she was so tiny she liked to sleep behind the toilet. Through the years she has been with me through thick and thin; through multiple lovers, through apartments and houses, through cancer treatment and recovery.

Jessie is now 10. Last night she developed bloat and a 360 degree torsion of her stomach. This is a life-threatening emergency that requires surgical intervention. Without it, it is usually fatal. Here is a short primer on bloat, for any readers who are both unfamiliar and curious. I didn’t understand immediately what was happening — she began retching but wasn’t bringing anything up. She was panting, lethargic, and her abdomen became very enlarged and rigid. Jessie is barrel-chested but skinny, with slim hips and an hourglass shape. Last night she looked like she swallowed a beach ball. It was amazing how large her abdomen was. I called the emergency vet, carried Jessie to the car, and took her there. They immediately did x-rays and took her into surgery.

I went to the bar.

The surgery went well. They found that she has a splenic tumor, so they removed her spleen (I found out today that the bloat was a lucky thing for us as dogs with splenic tumors generally bleed to death with little warning). There was also a tumor floating in the omentum (this is the mesh covering over your guts) so that was removed as well. They have both been sent to pathology and we’ll have those results in a few days.

She’s home now, after spending the day at our usual animal hospital, getting IV hydration and other post-operative care. She has a Fentanyl patch and a large incision closed with staples. She is getting several small, home-cooked meals per day in addition to sucralfate (to coat and soothe her post-operative stomach) and an antibiotic. The patch will stay on for 5 days. She goes back to the vet in 7 for staple removal.

I feel immensely fortunate that I was home when this happened, that I recognized something was wrong and how serious it was, and that she received surgical intervention right away. It was not cheap. Our emergency office has no payment plans; you have to pay for service when it is rendered. Which means if we didn’t have the $2600 it cost to have the surgery my dog would probably be dead. I suppose they can’t do payment plans or charity care because of the large number of people who have pets and may not be able to pay the bill but it still doesn’t sit well with me. It doesn’t seem like your economic status should be the deciding factor of whether your animal lives or dies but I guess it is.

Jessie is home and is currently snoozing on her bed. We’re camping out in the living room tonight because she is restricted from stairs.

Extreme sleepy pup close up: