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Nothing to see here. July 3, 2010

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Well, at least nothing you haven’t seen before. I frogged the emmaline in progress after I tried it on and it was WAY too big. I ripped it all the way back and started over and am currently in the middle of the raglan increases. I have 4 more sets of increases, I think, before I separate the sleeves from the body. After the sleeves are done I will try it on again and hopefully this will be a better fit.
I’m not sure I’ll try it a third time if it isn’t.
So I have a sweater in progress but it looks exactly the same as the last time I showed you so I won’t bother with putting another pic up. I spent this morning doing household chores so I could knit without guilt this afternoon and that is what I intend to do.
Tomorrow we will be cleaning out the closet in the spare room and probably taking up the carpet. I peeked underneath and was surprised to see that there is tile underneath the carpet and underneath the tile is subflooring and then the original hardwood. It is a most unfortunate sandwich of poor flooring choices. If the tile is in good shape I’ll probably leave it and if it isn’t then maybe we will pick up a carpet remnant to cover it. Ah, the joys of 100-year-old houses.


Nupps! June 11, 2010

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I love the way nupps look in a finished shawl — cute and perky, lace’s version of a bobble. I fell in love with them when I made the Percy shawlette. I do not, however, love making them.
It’s a bit fiddly, really, figuring out how to make 1 stitch into 7 and back into 1 and being able to purl all those loops together on the return row. I know some smart knitters have figured out how to do this with a crochet hook but I’m the first to say I am hopeless with a hook. I even do a provisional cast on without it. I do it with an extra needle in the mix to prevent the loops from shortening too much and for ease of purling on the return rows. It works, though, so I don’t mind doing it even if it’s quite time consuming.
The lace chart is finished and I will be starting on the short rows this afternoon, as much as I can do before I’m sucked into the black hole of work tonight and not spat out until Sunday.
The malabrigo lace is nice but it is a bit uneven and slubby. This is a quality I’ve noticed in the worsted and sock weights as well so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.
Here are the nupps — a bit overly loopy but that all blocks out in the end.

In other news, Benny had surgery yesterday. Here he is resting on the couch and generally looking pitiful:

He had a rough night last night — wasn’t eating or drinking although he did take his pain medication. Today he is back to normal and I am struggling to restrict jumping and running (he is not supposed to romp around for 1 week — really? a lab not romp? Is this possible?).


Pretty and heavenly things. December 5, 2009

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It is snowing here. I am excited about this. What I am *more* excited about is the fact that it is so warm in my old, drafty house that I am hanging out in short sleeves and no socks. This has never happened before. It was costly to repoint and rebuild the chimneys and have the old basement behemoth serviced but it was definitely worth it. It is a truly awesome thing that we are using the furnace built back in 1922. How cool is that?
I finished the cowl I last blogged about some time ago. I’d check ravelry for the date but it hasn’t been working for me much of the day. Here’s a pic:

This was knitted from 100% qiviut; it used about half the ball. It is very soft — almost too soft. I followed the pattern exactly except for the bind off; I used my typical lace cast off instead. I was worried about fitting it over my big melon but that wasn’t the problem. The problem is it is so soft and loose that it doesn’t keep its shape when worn. It works better for Stacey for some reason (I’m thinking my neck is a bit too spindly for it). I considered making an i-cord and threading it through the cowl into a loose tie to help. Still considering it. It’s not getting much use right now.
It is a beautiful pattern, though, and I’m looking forward to knitting it again in a worsted (or even bulky) weight.
On the needles right now is a shawl that is giving me problems (for a swap I’m in, so there will be no blogging about it until that is over) and a small shawlette called 198 yards of heaven. I’m knitting it in Cascade 200, a heathered pink colorway, on size 8 needles. This is part of a Christmas gift for my sister and I’m comfortable posting it here because she doesn’t visit this blog. I’ve completed the set up, 1 complete run through the first chart and about 9 rows of a second repeat.

I’m not crazy about the start. This pattern doesn’t have a garter stitch tab and, as a result, it sort of dips at the starting point. I’m hoping it will even out with blocking and, if it doesn’t, that it isn’t terribly noticeable. Mary isn’t a knitter and may not notice such a tiny detail, especially since it is at the back of the neck.
I think this project is the beginning and end of my Christmas knitting. I find that handknits aren’t appreciated by many non-knitters and often regret giving them. I’m actually not even sure I’ll be seeing anyone this season. We didn’t go to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving and we won’t be going to the Christmas Eve celebration at my brother’s house either (our work schedules interfere with most holidays and we are the only ones who work shift work and holidays). I’m hoping to make it there at some point but we will have our own little Christmas here and it will be nice.


Hello world! September 1, 2008

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Hello, all. Welcome to my knitting blog. I used to have a blog listed over at blogger but, in a spasstic snafu entirely my own fault, I deleted all my archived posts and had to start over. One lone post hung out over there and mocked me from my ravelry profile page. I’ve finally had enough and will delete the site today and will blog here exclusively from this point forward.

I’m a newish knitter. I’ve been knitting for about 2 years now, I think, and have recently discovered how much I enjoy lace knitting. So there will be an emphasis on that. I’m also looking forward to moving into garments and will soon cast on for my first sweater.

The header here is the lace ribbon scarf¬†from Knitty I’ve been working on. I cast on back in April, I think, and knitted it while we were cruising in Alaska. I then promptly forgot about it and have just recently been working on it again. I vow to finish it this month so that I may look stylish and carefree this fall season.

I want to talk about swaps and future projects and all kinds of things but I will save that for the next post. Thanks for hanging out with me.