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Bitterroot, revisited, and charming socks!* January 24, 2012

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As promised, here are a few additional pictures of the Bitterroot shawl I detailed in the previous post. It does seem to have relaxed a bit post-blocking and I will block it more aggressively next time to allow for this.

This one is the truest representation of the color. It is definitely more purple than blue.

A close-up of the beading:

I am now knitting the second of a pair of Hermione’s Everyday Socks (free pattern available here). I love this pattern. It is simple, easily memorizable, and looks great. It reminds me of a waffle knit which, to me, is the most comfortable garment IN LIFE and I am actually wearing a waffle knit pajama top AT THIS VERY MOMENT. The pattern is written to be knit with 2 circular needles but I don’t know how to do that and prefer to knit on DPNs so I have just adapted it to that and things have been fine thus far. I am about midway through the gusset decreases and should have a finished pair to show off later this week, if all goes well.

Knit happy!

*Get it? ‘Charming’ socks? Hermione? Harry Potter? Spells and charms? Heh.


FO: Bitterroot shawl January 15, 2012

This post has been a bit delayed only because I have been working nearly every day and haven’t had the opportunity to take pictures of the shawl in natural light. I still don’t have a great ‘action’ shot but I am hoping to get that in the near future (as soon as I, you know, find the battery to the camera and charge it and get a day off).

To recap, this is Bitterroot shawl (full-size), pattern available here.
Yarn: malabrigo lace (AWESOME), in cuarzo colorway. I used 1 skein and just a bit of the second.
Needles: size 6 circular (KP harmony tips)
Beads: cheap variety pack from Michael’s. I think they were $3.99. I used an itty-bitty crochet hook to add them after I worked the stitch rather than pre-stringing them.

I blocked on wires. I probably could have stretched the shawl out a bit more but I ran out of room on the dining room table. Must devise a different method for my next big lace project.

Blocking pics:

And a close-up:

These pics were taken with my HTC Thunderbolt. It wasn’t until enlarging (embiggening?) them that I realized how poor quality they truly are. Or maybe it is this screen. Not sure. Regardless I will update with better pics in the near future.

I have cast on for a pair of socks, am nearly through the body repeats on the first (knitting top down on DPNs).

I’ve also decided (foolishly, perhaps) that my next shawl will be Rock Island, knitted in a variegated blue laceweight. I plan to wind some yarn today (still hoping for a swift and ball-winder, hopefully this year!).

There is lots of knitterly stuff going on and that makes me happy.


FO: Brandywine Shawl June 20, 2010

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This was a little thing I did to help Haiti. I also donated money directly to the cause, of course, but I bought this pattern because I thought it was pretty and also because the money was going to help the Haiti effort. It took me longer to knit than was really necessary but I lost my knitting mojo in the middle of the project and let it languish in the living room knitting basket for a couple of months.
To recap, this is Brandywine shawl, knit with Knitpicks Stroll kettle dyed sock yarn in gold on size 6 needles.
I pinned it out and blocked it yesterday. I ran wires through all three sides of the triangle and pinned out the bottom point and let it dry overnight. I didn’t take pictures of that, though.
I rarely take pictures of shawls on my body (just because I am usually alone and it is difficult) but here is a decent one (it also makes me laugh that you can see half of my dog in the background):

On the porch after this morning’s rainstorm:

A picture that shows a bit of the drape and the smooshy garter stitch section:

It’s pretty. I’m happy with it. It is warmer than most lace items because of the thicker yarn and smaller needles and the large garter stitch section in the center but it will be good for this fall/winter.

In other news, I found the sweater. Will be working on that while deciding what lace item to cast on next.


FO: Annis shawl June 19, 2010

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This shawl is more of a shawlette. It is a very shallow crescent which is perfect for wrapping around the shoulders or perhaps around the neck and tucked into a light spring or fall jacket.
I blocked it with straight pins. After soaking it for half an hour or so I pinned it to the blocking board, starting with the far edges and then the bottom center point. I pinned out the top edge a bit to prevent scalloping the top while pulling and pinning out the bottom.

I let it dry overnight and discouraged the cat from sleeping on it as much as possible. The unpinning and photographing (and weaving and trimming of ends, I do that after blocking) happened early this morning. I particularly love this one:

And this one makes me happy I spent so much time on those perky little nupps:

It is so delicate and sheer, I love it. I am very pleased with this project. It was an easy, mindless knit with a great result.
Next up: blocking Brandywine. I will do that today. I imagine I might also cast on for something new. But what?


FO: 198 yards of heaven (and socks!) December 14, 2009

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I completed this small shawl/triangular scarf on Saturday but by the time it was blocked and dried it was too dark for any good quality pics. Yesterday was spent in the wind and cold of Baltimore cheering on the Ravens (who drove Detroit into the ground YAY) and then cheering on the Redskins from the relative warmth of the Greene Turtle Edgewater. It worked out well, though, because today is bright and clear and even the pics indoors turned out fairly well.
To recap:
Pattern: 198 yards of heaven (this link will take you to the ravelry pattern page where you can click for the free download).
Yarn: Cascade heathers, colorway 2449 (heathered pink)
Needles: Size 8 circs
Cast on December 2, cast off December 12. This is a quick project. I’m a slow knitter and I did it in 10 days even with ignoring it for the better part of a week while I worked a brutal 50 hours in 4 days.
This would be an ideal first shawl for someone. I knit it as written but I’d do a garter stitch tab if I were to do it again. There is a new version of the pattern out now but I knit it from the original pattern with the modifications to line up the yarnovers of the border. I used a lifeline but it wasn’t necessary. With worsted weight the stitches are so large that one can easily see a mistake and the pattern is both intuitive and repetitive, making referring to the chart largely unnecessary after the first repeat.
Draped over a chair on my front porch:

A close up of the stitch detail:

And a modeled pic (a bit blurry, I’ve had too much coffee today, my apologies):

And there you have it. I’ve cast on for a new pair of socks. They are Jaywalkers, and here is the start:


FO: Travelling woman shawl. September 30, 2009

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I’m shocked to see how long it has been since my last post. I pledge to update my blog at least weekly (and hopefully more than that) for the month of October. I have an interesting project planned and look forward to getting started. More on that later, though.
For now, I will show you the finished travelling woman shawl. This took about 3 weeks to knit and it would have been much more enjoyable if I had sprung for a longer circular needle length. The longest I have is 48 inches and towards the end the shawl was so scrunched up that yarnovers were falling over regular stitches and it was generally a pain. Also it was sort of a shock to see how big the shawl had become when I had finally bound off.
So here we are:
Pattern: Traveling woman, available at the site linked or as a Ravelry download.
Yarn: Hand-dyed by my indie dyer friend who blogs here (not as often as she should).
Needles: Knitpicks harmony interchangeables in size 7. I bound off purl-wise with a size 8 to ensure a nice stretchy edge.
Mods: The stockinette section I completed as written. Completed 4 repeats of Chart A and a single repeat of Chart B.
Did I mention this sucker is huge? Difficult to get in one frame. Here it is, stretched out over the back porch railing:

The center spine and some of the lace detailing:

And here’s a final pic that shows the colorway a bit more clearly:

That’s all. This was an easy, mindless sort of knit although I did find the edging a bit tedious. I’m very pleased with the finished project although I still feel like an ass wearing a shawl. I’m not sure why exactly. That’s alright as this is a sample for the Fiber Festival and not a future wardrobe staple.
Right now I’m working on an entrelac piece with the extra yarn. I don’t think I have enough yarn to finish but I’ll carry on until I run out anyway. Right now I have about 5 inches of entrelac. My first! Maybe I’ll snap a pic tomorrow but it seems a bit pointless as it isn’t a ‘real’ project.
I’m part of a Ravelry-based starbucks swap that is proving to be a bit vexing and now I’m not sure if I should have signed up for it. I have lovely upstream and downstream partners but the group itself isn’t very chatty and I don’t feel like I’m forming any new connections. And that is sort of the point, isn’t it?
Also, because I like shawls but can’t wear them without feeling the aforementioned asshattery, I’ve joined a shawl exchange. So I can make one and mail it off to someone. I think I’ll ask for a stole shape. I can wear a rectangle. Or a shallow triangle as a scarf. It’s the circular, square, and large triangle shapes that vex me.


Owls and socks. August 20, 2009

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First up: the baby owl vest knit for one of the bartenders at The Greene Turtle who is expecting next month. I was looking for a nice, easy gift that wouldn’t stretch on forever (like a blanket, I hate knitting those) or have a billion seams to sew up. This was a nice compromise.
Pattern: Owl baby vest, free, you can find it here or in PDF format on ravelry.
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease in avocado, I think it took about a skein of it.
Needles: Size 6 and 7 circulars; size 6 double points for the armhole ribbing.
Dates: Cast on 07/28/2009, cast off 08/10/2009.
Mods: None, really. I kept the stitches at the neck and armholes live but still had to pick up a lot of stitches for the ribbing.

And a pic of the stockinette back:

Notes: This was a super easy, no sew pattern. It was knit in the round from bottom up, past the owl pattern and then divided for fronts. The shoulders join with a 3 needle bind off and stitches are picked up and knit in a k2p2 rib for the edging. I’d definitely make another one and am thinking of modifying it into an adult-sized pattern.

Next: Hedera socks by the always fantastic Cookie A.
Pattern: Hedera, found here.
Yarn: Malabrigo sock in violeta africana
Needles: KP harmony DPNs in size 2.5 (3.0 mm), set of 4
Dates: Cast on 07/06/2009, cast off 08/17/2009

Notes: This was a fun, sort of mindless knit. The first one took a long time because I was splitting my attention between a few different projects but the second one flew off the needles. This pattern was published in 2006 and there’s a significant error once you get to the heel flap (number of stitches held for front is incorrect). I would think in the 3 years since it has been published the folks over at Knitty could have corrected that or added errata to the pattern page. In the end I went with what I thought was correct and it worked out beautifully (no fussing around with stitches when it came time to graft the toe, either).
On deck: more socks and a bigger project knitted as a sample for the local fiber festival in October.