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FO: Bitterroot shawl January 15, 2012

This post has been a bit delayed only because I have been working nearly every day and haven’t had the opportunity to take pictures of the shawl in natural light. I still don’t have a great ‘action’ shot but I am hoping to get that in the near future (as soon as I, you know, find the battery to the camera and charge it and get a day off).

To recap, this is Bitterroot shawl (full-size), pattern available here.
Yarn: malabrigo lace (AWESOME), in cuarzo colorway. I used 1 skein and just a bit of the second.
Needles: size 6 circular (KP harmony tips)
Beads: cheap variety pack from Michael’s. I think they were $3.99. I used an itty-bitty crochet hook to add them after I worked the stitch rather than pre-stringing them.

I blocked on wires. I probably could have stretched the shawl out a bit more but I ran out of room on the dining room table. Must devise a different method for my next big lace project.

Blocking pics:

And a close-up:

These pics were taken with my HTC Thunderbolt. It wasn’t until enlarging (embiggening?) them that I realized how poor quality they truly are. Or maybe it is this screen. Not sure. Regardless I will update with better pics in the near future.

I have cast on for a pair of socks, am nearly through the body repeats on the first (knitting top down on DPNs).

I’ve also decided (foolishly, perhaps) that my next shawl will be Rock Island, knitted in a variegated blue laceweight. I plan to wind some yarn today (still hoping for a swift and ball-winder, hopefully this year!).

There is lots of knitterly stuff going on and that makes me happy.


A good day. June 14, 2010

The pattern I am knitting, Annis, is a crescent-shaped shawl described as ‘piquant’ (which, according to Knitty, means ‘A little something for the seasoned knitter. Daring but not exhausting’). I’d say this is overestimating the difficulty. The lace rows were simple but there were nupps involved which tend to freak people out. The rest of the shawl is simple knitting and purling with short rows. It’s definitely a TV/movie knitting project.
This morning I knit while watching The Unbearable Lightness of Being. I have seen quite a few Philip Kaufman films lately.
I’m almost through with the short row section which essentially means that I’m nearly finished with the shawl.

This yarn is very soft and is kettle-dyed so there is a bit of color variation. I like how there is a subtle striping effect in the body of the shawl. I am looking forward to seeing this blocked.
Speaking of blocking supplies, I still haven’t received the blocking wires I ordered. For some reason they shipped separately from everything else. I did receive the yarn (because I had to have enough in my cart to qualify for free shipping and there is always room for more laceweight) and it was not what I expected. I ordered ‘deep waters’ thinking it was a deep, murky marine suitable for a Shipwreck shawl. What I received was this vibrant, royal blue yarn:

I’m sure this would work but it wouldn’t be what I pictured which is really what I want for that shawl — a deep, murky color with a bit of glittery beads like grains of sand or light dancing on water. Perhaps I’ll use it to make Forget-Me-Not; I received that pattern in a swap last year and have it around here somewhere. Or maybe I’ll use it for something more ambitious, I have 3 skeins of it after all.
Still, I’m disappointed it isn’t what I had envisioned.

In non-knitting news, today I baked blondies loosely based on Dorie Greenspan’s recipe. I ran a bit low on chocolate chips so I used what I had and added sweetened, shredded coconut; roasted, salted almonds; pecans. I’m thinking they will still be good.

There was also time for a rousing game of tug.

Life is good.


Not quite an FO post. June 1, 2010

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But almost. I cast off the brandywine shawl this afternoon while watching ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ (thoughts: I love Meryl Streep and I covet the dark chocolate color of Anne Hathaway’s hair). I did the reverse i-cord bind off called for in the pattern and it took some time but the result was lovely.
It is finished but for blocking and weaving in ends. I snapped a quick pic outside (it is storming here and so humid I am surprised you cannot see the steam rising from the porch) but will save the blocking for tomorrow.

I will say this: I am happy it is done almost done and I am eager to cast on for something else. Coming up: Emmaline and the Annis shawl, both from the most recent issue of Knitty.


The pattern that made me give up knitting. May 28, 2010

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Well, for awhile. Quite a long while. Enough so that when we had our first annual yard sale here I sold a good bit of my yarn stash, thinking I would never knit again. It just wasn’t *fun* anymore.
For example, the jaywalkers you see in the previous post? Gone. Unraveled. Partially unraveled, that is, with one of the beautiful harmony DPNs chewed to bits by a curious (and hungry) puppy. I wasn’t particularly upset. The pattern was boring and I secretly worried that the gauge was too tight and they’d be unwearable. I’ve yet to finish frogging them and repurpose the yarn and now I need to buy another size 1 DPN.
I’m not a quitter, though, and it is sheer stubbornness that returned me to this project with the intention to finish. Stubbornness and the desire to cast on something else. I am a methodical knitter and I like to finish one big project before I start another one and so before I cast on for Emmaline, I need to finish this.
And so, without any further superfluousness, here is the shawl that has been sucking my soul. It is Brandywine Shawl, shown here in the upper right corner. It is for a good cause and I thought the edging was pretty so I purchased it, on a whim, and cast on. Way back in… I’ve no idea. I didn’t put that on my ravelry page so I can’t tell you. I’m guessing February. It was definitely winter time.
The pattern is written well enough. The results are pretty. It is just so mind-numbingly boring that I can’t stand knitting it. I’m far enough that it would seem like hours of wasted knitting time — precious knitting time — that I won’t get back if I frog it and use the sock yarn for, oh, a pair of socks (that’s a novel idea, isn’t it?), and yet there is enough work ahead of me that it seems rather like the knitter’s version of climbing Mt. Everest to finish. I’m on Chart B and have done 10 of 15 repeats.
I will finish.

It looks innocent lying there with that smooshy garter stitch center and fluttery edging, doesn’t it? Don’t believe it. It is a SOUL SUCKER.

No disrespect to the designer, of course. Romi Hill’s patterns are immensely popular and for good reason and many many knitters have enjoyed this pattern. I just don’t happen to be one of them.

I pledge to blog more and knit more and generally be more of a presence here. I may not have much of a choice — I have a chronic ankle injury that has forced me out of karate and I imagine there is much knitting time in my future. Looking forward to moving on to more interesting things!


WIP round up. July 29, 2009

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It is nearing the end of July and I’m still working on the July KAL with the BLK group on ravelry (the finest group of ravelers one will ever have the pleasure of interacting with, incidentally). This is, of course, the Percy shawlette. I had a moment of near-histrionics yesterday when I couldn’t figure out the nuts and bolts of chart C but they talked me off the ledge and now I’m back to grooving along. I’ve completed row 6 of the 31 row chart. I’m considering ordering some proper blocking supplies. I probably will, along with a sweater’s worth of yarn. More on that later.
The blob shawlette isn’t much to look at but it is getting bigger:

In other news, I’ve cast on for the baby owl vest for Keri’s little bambino. This is following the disaster that was the ribbed jacket. That was the only Debbie Bliss pattern I’ve ever knit and I wouldn’t do it again. It was the seaming that killed me. The cast on and off created stair step increases and decreases along the sleeves and it was impossible to seam them neatly. If I were to do it again — and I’m not saying I would — I’d leave those stitches live and do a three needle bind off for the seams. Anyway, this is knit in the round which means minimal seaming, the owls are a cable pattern. I’m about 3 inches into the body here:

Another inch or so of stockinette and then I’ll start the owling. So to speak.

Oh, and remember the socks I was working on? Oh, you’d forgotten? Apparently I had too. I got past the gusset decreases yesterday and am working on the instep. This is still the first one.

I’m still in love with the malabrigo sock yarn but I can’t help but think it’s almost too soft for socks. I wonder how durable they will be. I guess we’ll find out in the near future!

On deck is something with this yarn, hand-dyed by Terri. I’ve gone through a few patterns but haven’t settled on anything yet:

Suggestions? It is fingering weight, 400+ yards.


Amazing lace swap (and other things). September 3, 2008

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I’m on an odd schedule. I’m not sure my time stamp on this post is correct (actually, looking at it I’m quite sure it isn’t, it says there that it is nearly 6 am, which is about 4 hours ahead) but I’m up blogging at 2 am. This is because I’ve recently taken a night position at work. It is a 3 day a week, 12 hour shift position. I worked last night, came home and slept until almost 3 pm and then woke up and drank coffee like it was a proper morning.
I guess, for me, it was.
I left the house only to go to Target and pick up some Method laundry detergent (I love this stuff) and came back to do eleventy million loads of laundry.
The positive aspects to this: I completed 1.5 repeats on my lace ribbon scarf. Apparently the last time I was knitting it I stopped after row 12, so I finished that and did another complete repeat. I’m on my last skein of silky wool and probably have a third of it left. I’m not sure how many more repeats I’ll get out of it but I like to wear my scarves doubled so I’ll just knit until I’m out of yarn and then give it a good blocking. The other positive is that, well, the laundry is done and put away and that’s always nice.
The negative? I had to do eleventy million loads of laundry.
As a reward to myself I am now drinking a ridiculously large amaretto sour.

I joined the amazing lace swap on Ravelry. The sign ups were closed yesterday (well, Sept 1 which is technically the day before yesterday now) and our packages go out Oct. 10. The idea is we purchase a pattern and enough yarn to make it and send THAT to our swap partners along with anything else we’d like to include. I think the monetary limit is $50. No knitting required although I think I’ll knit up something small to include in my package. I’m excited about this swap. I really love lace knitting and I feel like I’m ready to move on to a stole or a shawl, something that is more complicated and perhaps something that requires beading. This is the only swap I’m signed up for at the moment and unless something REALLY catches my eye, that’s how I plan to keep it. I’m going to finish this scarf, knit something small for this swap, and then I think I’m moving on to a garment of some kind (as yet undetermined). I still want to try socks and I have yarn all rolled into a big smooshy cake and some beautiful DPNs for that.
So much knitting in my queue, so little time!